When Camelon Parish Church was formed from the original congregations we were given the challenge to develop a new church and halls complex fit for the future needs of the church and the community. We have been exploring a range of options over the last few years, but we hope to be able to progress finalised proposal.

While we will be able to raise a significant amount of money from the sale of our current properties the congregation will still have to find the balance, a not inconsiderable sum. We are taking the opportunity of your visit to our website to ask you to consider helping us meet some of the cost of the new, purpose built premises that we need to fulfil our mission to the people who live in the Parish of Camelon.

If you would like to make a donation you can do through our online ‘Donate’ page or you can send a cheque to:

Building Appeal
Camelon Parish Church
Dorrator Rd
Camelon, Falkirk
United Kingdom

If you feel unable to make a donation at this time please remember us in your prayers.